Nanichi is the love child of puerto rican artisan Anais Rosado Ubinas.

"Nanichi" is a Caribbean indigenous word for my love or my heart. This brand is a part of Anais’ heart that she is honored to share with you all. Each piece is carefully crafted with intention and quality in mind, to bring you unique art that makes you feel beautiful, magical, & empowered.

All pieces are crafted by hand in a humble home-based studio in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Anais is a mostly self-taught artist & business owner who's experimented with creating since childhood. Born in Arecibo and raised on the island, at 10 years old Anais moved to Miami with her mother. She’d go to school during the year in Miami and spend summers on her families farm in Utuado. At 19 she decided to move back full-time to Puerto Rico and reconnect with family and nature in their home in Utuado. There, Nanichi was born. 

In efforts to minimize waste and environmental foot print, packaging is made of recyclable, compostable materials. 

Thank you for being here xx